Monday, May 19, 2008

Talking Points Primer, Again

I have a feeling this is going to be a difficult election year. For many of us, the presidential campaign will be a test of political wills pitting the Democrats against a Party of rabid Republicans with no socially redeeming legacy to speak of during their tenure.

It’s almost humorous to hear them beg on a platform of “We know we were crazy nuts with power and out of control spenders, but we’re gonna change…really. You wouldn’t vote against us due to the last 13 years, and two recessions would you. Don’t forget, the Democrats were in the same room with us and they poison everything with their liberal presence.”

Since they have nothing to show but higher taxes for future generations, they are now getting back to basics. And lying without redress.

In Wisconsin, Republicans were the guests and focal point of local radio and television talk shows due to their recent convention. Without skipping a beat, every media appearance pushed the same lie over and over, without a challenge by the moderator, that the polls showed McCain beating Barack Obama easily. I remembered something very different, which prompted me to research and discover the following chart of poll results at President Polls 2008.

Last Updated: 5/19/08

Pollster Date Barack Obama John McCain
University of Wisconsin 4/28/08 47.0 43.0
Wisconsin Public Radio / St.
Norbert College 4/5/08 46.0 42.0
Survey USA 4/17/08 49.0 44.0
Survey USA 3/20/08 48.0 44.0
Rasmussen Reports 5/7/08 43.0 47.0
Rasmussen Reports 3/26/08 46.0 48.0

Besides the Rasmussen Report numbers, the raw data tells a different story. The reliable polls from the University of Wisconsin (the Badger Poll), and St. Norbert College have a record of reflecting the public mood at the time. Technically, isolating the one poll that shows their candidate winning gives them cover and is the kind of spin one might expect from the Republican Party.

I’ve included this video from "Upfront With Mike Gousha" showing Republican National Committee Chair Mike Duncan dredge up a list of desperate rhetoric and shameless fiction (lying).

“Democrats are proposing bigger government,” actually re-regulating runaway corporate elites as a protection against investment losses and restoring consumer safety.

“Higher taxes,” for wealthier Americans, while maintaining the middle class tax cuts.

“A trillion dollars in new spending” with the Democrats “pay as you go” offsets. Bush borrowed about 3 trillion dollars for current and future Iraq and Afghanistan obligations that will have to be paid for by taxpayers.

“He’s proposing a one size fits all health care plan. That means that the doctors and patients have little to say, and we’ll have something like a department of wellness here in town.” There are so many lies in this one statement that I’m trying desperately not to pound my fingers through the keyboard at this point. Both Democratic presidential candidates are supporting a government run insurance plan, leaving for profit insurance companies to administer health care oversight. I would do away with the middle man here, but regardless, government has nothing to do with medical decisions between doctors and patients. If anything, insurance companies have a horrific record of health care denials. Only a lowbrow dimwitted numbskull would envision a “department of wellness.” My brain is starting to hurt.

“He’s for pulling our troops out, just immediately, and giving countenance to our enemy…we’ll create a breeding ground for terrorists for the future.” If the military saw a strategic need to withdraw, would that also give “countenance” to our enemy? Would the Iraqi’s allow a breeding area for terrorists? Remember, this is their country, not ours. If we leave, they’ll still be there.

I’ve vented. Over and out.

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