Saturday, May 31, 2008

Climate, Guns & Church and State

New, Three Year old Climate Change Report Out

After three years and a court order, the Bush administration has released it’s summary of federal and independent research making its case about the harmful impact of human-caused global warming in the United States.

Deniers will not like this because it makes them look wrong, again. You can find the complete report online at,

The findings: “An increased frequency and severity of heat waves is expected, leading to more illness and death, particularly among the young, elderly, frail and poor. A two thirds chance that Lyme disease and West Nile virus would have expanded ranges because of warming. The same goes for food- and water-borne diseases.

Vatican Reveals History of Church-State Separation, Who saw this Coming?

The Vatican Museum is putting on display the period of struggle between popes and emperors that led to the Western modern concept of the separation of powers. "Matilda of Canossa, the Papacy and the Empire: History, Art and Culture at the Origins of the Romanesque" is the exhibitions title.

The biographical and political events of Matilda's life explain a period of confrontation between popes and emperors that led to boundaries and eventual separation of the two powers -- religious and secular -- and laid the foundations of the modern concept in the West.

Of course, it’s a crazy idea ignored by our founding fathers. Onward Christian soldiers march......

Guns in National Parks, What would Yogi and Boo Boo Say?

The federal government is inching ever so close to allowing visitors to carry loaded, concealed weapons in some national parks, wildlife refuges and monuments.

The National Rifle Association likes the new rule, arguing ( and I’m not kidding) that it would help keep crime down and protect visitors from potentially dangerous wildlife. Here’s the official language of these stark raving lunatics:

“You read stories about people attacked by animals or who stumble upon meth
labs or women who are raped in a national park. We don’t believe
law-abiding citizens should be kept from protecting themselves

National Park Service officials say it could easily ruin the family-friendly atmosphere of the parks and other attractions. Do ya think?

Seven former National Park Service directors say the new rule addresses a nonexistent problem.

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