Monday, May 26, 2008

McCain Doesn’t Trust Our Troops

Its simple isn’t it? John McCain doesn’t trust our troops to serve out of respect to our country. Instead, he worries that Americans will join and fight, to game the system and reap huge benefits, paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Here’s what Sen. McCain said, as reported by AP:

"John McCain used a Memorial Day appearance to defend his opposition to
Senate-passed legislation that would provide additional college financial aid to
veterans…'I feel just as he (Democratic Sen. Jim Webb) does, that we owe
veterans the respect and generosity of a great nation"...However, McCain said he
opposed Webb's measure because it would give the same benefit to everyone
regardless of how many times he or she has enlisted. He said he feared that
would depress reenlistments by those wanting to attend college after only a few years in uniform.”

It’s clear that some of our more dishonorable troops would enlist just so they could fleece the hard working taxpayers of their hard earned money. Imagine giving up just 3 years of their life for their country; maybe even fight a war, and get an all expenses paid college education. McCain won’t let these patriotic crooks make out like Republican lobbyists.

Just to be clear, here’s how the two bills differ:

“The McCain-Graham-Burr legislation creates a flat education benefit, not taking
into account the cost of state colleges where veterans live. This would mean
veterans in states where the cost of education is higher than the benefit would
have go to into debt to get an education, or uproot themselves and their families to move to a place where the benefit would cover college. The Webb-Hagel Bill determines the education benefit based on the highest state college tuition in a veterans' home state, allowing veterans to come home and attend college, without upheaval in their lives.

“The McCain-Graham-Burr legislation leaves the National Guard and Reserve out in the cold.”

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