Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GOP Assassination Agenda continued

You may have heard or read about the theory that liberals have a strange form of brain damage, processing information in a way that may result in advocating a dangerous social agenda, like health care or something. Really, I’m not kidding. Well I can be just as nutty (or am I?). Is the conservative desire to have opponents assassinate for their ideological differences a psychopathic behavior?

Here we go again: CBS/AP)
“Pittsburgh-area sports radio host Mark Madden has been permanently taken
off the air by ESPN. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has quoted Madden as saying he had hoped Sen. Edward Kennedy ‘would live long enough to be assassinated.’ The Massachusetts Democrat has a brain tumor.”

Are we seeing a trend here? I’ve included a few comments from a few brain damaged readers?
“He meant it in good clean fun.” -johndevinejr

“What is the world coming to when you can''t poke fun at someone''s brain tumor or wish for them to be assassinated on the air? Just another example of the liberal media.” -

“Cannot blame Madden... he is just another of the damned liberal media... like Rush” - Nancy_Naive

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