Monday, May 26, 2008

Creating Jobs in a Slumping Economy, Blame the Unemployed

The economic downturn nationally has hit all the states hard, especially those that just got their budgets back in order from the last recession. So it wasn’t surprising to see the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Headline, “Need for food stamps rising.”

I want to highlight just why the Republican Party cannot be trusted to solve the problem of human suffering. The weak economy along with state program changes increased foodstamp enrollment nearly 10%.

The change removed a requirement that people enroll in a job-training program. The point of the program is to feed people and families, so who would object to that? A Republican of course. In a wild display of convoluted logic, even the hungry are to blame for their joblessness.

Here’s Rep. Kitty Rhoades (R-Hudson), co-chair of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, with her mean spirited attack on the needy, suggesting the state withhold food stamps until the unemployed get job training in a jobless market.

"Especially in a down economy, we want to be creating jobs and putting people to work, not re-creating welfare,' Rhoades said."

It may seem like a dumb conclusion, but Republicans have been relentless pushing this mumbo jumbo in the Wisconsin state legislature for years. They hate it when poor people get something for nothing, especially people with nothing.

It never occurred to Rep. Rhoades that businesses create jobs, and in a down economy, they typically lack the demand to “put people to work.” How hard is this to understand anyway?

I think it might be this; Commerce loves the Republican Party because they lack the business sense to realize they’re being played for suckers. Republicans run up debt, spend money supporting special interests and sabotage their own children’s future salaries so they can freeload off the taxpayer while transferring responsibility and power to private for profit interests.

How do they sleep?

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