Sunday, May 18, 2008

If Packing Heat Makes Us Safe, Why the Double Standard

Since I have had my fill of pointless debates regarding the meaning of the Second Amendment, the right to carry a concealed weapons and the radical nature of the National Rifle Association, I have narrowed my answer down to a few simple truths.

I would like to see these “ivory tower” Republicans, tucked safely away in their state capitals, allow hand guns in their legislatures. Remember, only those law abiding citizens who have gone through a rigorous screening process, will be packin' heat. What could be safer? It's true that some Democrats voted for these same carry laws, but lets be honest, they’ve had to give in to stay politically alive.

Michael Daly of the NY Daily News wrote about the blatant NRA hypocrisy and political cowardice of presidential candidate John McCain. If guns make all of so safe, then a demonstration of that concept should have been a part of McCain’s NRA visit.

“A small but startling sign welcomed the gun lovers who arrived at the National Rifle Association's annual gathering Friday. 'Firearms WILL NOT be allowed in Hall A during the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum.' Beyond this sign at the Kentucky Exposition Center was a row of 10 metal detectors. The alert, however, said nothing about pocketknives, which seemingly everybody here was carrying. Hundreds of convention goers finally reached the detectors only to be told they could not be admitted with an implement they had never even considered to be a weapon.”

“It's kind of ironic, isn't it?" Rob Stevens of Bedford, Ky., said. "We preach the right to carry everywhere, and we got to start by turning in a pocketknife."

And they wonder why the Republican Party platform is a failed social experiment.

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