Friday, May 23, 2008

Florida "feeling lucky?" Health Care Gamble

Feeling lucky? Well do you punk?” A memorable quote from Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry films. Now, Florida's governor has taken the line and not only made it his own, but makes Dirty Harry look weak-kneed. Gov. Charlie Crist signed into law the most dangerous health care solution on the planet, next to not providing any coverage at all. They are crazy loco down there in Florida, where government is run by those "go it alone" Republicans. It’s also fun watching Republicans pass laws that throw tax dollars at private schools with no accountability and their deliciously perilous “take your guns to work” law.

According to AP, ‘The new law lets insurance companies offer scaled-back health plans without all the usually required coverage’s.’ That might make insurance available to some people for as little as $150 a month, Crist said.”

Can you say, “You get what you pay for?” Hold on, because you won’t believe how the “feeling lucky?” health care plan works.

"Some insurance companies (after joining) a state program will be required to
cover many basic health care needs, such as drugs, emergency care and
hospitalization, but won't be required to pay for many treatments that insurers
generally must cover.”

Those costly treatments:

"certain screenings or coverage of certain transplants. Insurers said those
requirements contribute to rising health care costs

You know how it is when you have to pay for a persons treatment that might reduce your profit margin? Costly.

Gov. Crist had the brazenness to say "It will take away a lot of worry."

Why would anyone worry that they, or a family member, might need treatment not covered under their plan? We can live (maybe die) with that, if you get my meaning?

The state program, "Cover Florida," will also allow insurers who don't
participate in the program to make changes…(to) provide
cheaper policies."

This is the “screw you, you’re on your own” plan.

“Under that part of the law, organizations and insurance companies would be
allowed to offer scaled-back plans that have even fewer requirements than the
ones participating in the state program."

If you thought it couldn’t get more dangerous or irresponsible, hold onto your 911 call centers.

According to supporters, “plans that don't cover everything are better than no
insurance at all.”

(Have we fallen into the rabbit hole?)

Florida has done away with troublesome transplants requirements and the number of days a women must be allowed to remain in the hospital after child birth.

Crist said "One in five Floridians goes to bed at night worrying about how to
pay for medical care."

Thanks to their barbarous Republican legislature and a remorseless Gov. Crist, now five of five Floridians will go to bed worrying that they might have to go bankrupt paying for uncovered medical expenses and pray they’ll still have a roof over the heads.

These sadistic fiends should be ashamed of their inhumanity. But they won’t be, because they’re cutthroat Republicans. They saved insurance companies money at the expense of human suffering.


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