Monday, May 26, 2008

It really is a Health Care Solution

There are some sobering dollar amounts listed in Dennis Cauchon’s “Bill for taxpayer’s swells by trillions” in USA TODAY. “The federal government's long-term financial obligations grew by $2.5 trillion last year, a reflection of the mushrooming cost of Medicare and Social Security benefits…Taxpayers are on the hook for a record $57.3 trillion in federal liabilities to cover the lifetime benefits of everyone eligible for Medicare, Social Security and other government programs. That's nearly $500,000 per household.”

Instead of giving up, or solving these shortfalls with tax cuts (hey, it’s the Republican answer to everything) Economist Dean Baker says, "If we fix health care, then our deficits can be easily dealt with."

Health care is the solution. The introduction of a single payer system in this country would put more money back in the pockets of Americans than any GOP tax cut.

The fact is nearly 70 percent of the public wants a government health care plan.

Framing the issue; a more accurate description would be a government insurance plan. Taking the focus off of medical providers and focusing on insurance for all, Republicans will have a difficult time defending insurance company profits and administrative costs. Because it’s an insurance plan, one could make the argument that a national program would free up 20 percent or more of administration costs, or 20 cents out of every dollar; a fact that would not go unnoticed by taxpayers.

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