Friday, May 9, 2008

Republicans Aren’t Going to Like Stay at Home Parents, a Massachusetts-based company that assesses workplace compensation, came out with the current value of stay at home moms and dads.

In a article about the study, “American mothers who work in the home would earn $116,805, while stay-at-home mothers in Canada would earn about $126,593 if they were on a company payroll.

By comparison, the study found that In 2007, the study found that stay-at-home dads in the U.S. would be paid an annual salary of $128,755.

The survey may shed light on the important roles moms and dads play, but it also may infuriate Republicans who pay taxes on the wages they worked so hard for while stay at home parents pay nothing in taxes.

Think about it. The wealthy already pay taxes on their families hired help, why not those sneaky parents exploiting another tax loophole by doing the work themselves.

What they are doing has value, like laundry machine operators, computer operators, facilities managers, van drivers and janitors. Not to mention overtime work averaging a hefty 94.4 hour a week. Moms and dads are monopolizing a potentially lucrative business for specialists in each of the above areas. It’s true parents would have to go out and get good jobs to pay for the in home contractors, but the upside of job growth and employment would be much fairer than encouraging stay at home tax dodgers.

You may laugh, but think about how many people bought into privatizing Social Security, tax cuts for the wealthy, global free markets, single payer health care is socialism, corporate self regulation works, guns don’t kill people-people do, liberals blame America first, terrorist support Democrats, voter fraud and the war on poverty failed.

Scary isn’t it?

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