Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crazy Florida Stories

Only in Florida, a crazy state filled with Republicans, could this surreal story rear its sick twisted tale.

According to the Miami Herald, “A Miami-Dade judge said the wife of a lottery winner cannot go forward with a lawsuit against her husband until she can provide a legal argument to support her claim for half of his jackpot. ‘Where does the law say you automatically have a right to participate in the proceeds?' the Circuit Judge.”

Would it surprise you that the Judge is a woman, who apparently doesn’t think marriage applies to both husband and wife equally?”

“Donna Campbell filed against her husband, after he hit a $19 million Florida Lotto jackpot last summer with 16 of his co-workers. Campbell has to prove the money used to buy the lottery ticket came from his work salary, which is considered a marital asset.”

Isn’t it strange that separately obtained items are exempt? We are talking about Florida though.

“Campbell, 48, a former model, says her husband of three years tried to keep his good fortune a secret from her when he hit the lottery last summer. She claims he disconnected the phone line in their Miramar home and kept her from watching TV so she wouldn't find out he was a winner. She found out when she Googled her husband's name and the lotto press release popped up.”

The Judge might have wondered what her husband was trying to cover up since he owed her nothing? Didn’t it seem like weird and unusual behavior for a marital partner?

This is my first entry documenting how a Republican dominated state like Florida descends into chaos. In an upcoming post, I’ll take a look at their rush to waste tax payer money on an unaccountable school voucher system.

Briefly, the GOP will foolishly denounce Europe’s health care system, but point with pride to the Swiss nations voucher program. The difference between what they want to do here and what's going on over there is that the Swiss require one curriculum and standardized test for all schools. Here there are no tests, no accountability and is a less than subtle attack on the public school system.

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