Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Proof Republicans Value Oppressive Authoritarian Rule and Proud of It

Despite the avalanche of recent books about the authoritarian tendencies of the Republican/conservative mindset, the public still doesn’t sense the threat it would have on our young democratic socialist society.

The Associated Press fell down on the job again when it reported this story about the Supreme Court Justice vote in the Senate. “Republican John McCain castigated Democrat Barack Obama for voting against John Roberts as Supreme Court chief justice in a speech about the kind of judges McCain would nominate. "

“McCain promised to appoint judges who, in the mold of Roberts and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, are likely to limit the reach of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. ‘Obama likes to talk up his image as someone who works with Republicans to get things done, yet Obama went right along with the partisan crowd, and was among the 22 senators to vote against this highly qualified nominee,’ McCain said.”

It’s that “partisan crowd” of thoughtful Senators, representing their constituents, who voted their conscience and firmly held belief that the Constitution expands the rights of people in this country.

What AP neglected to mention was the partisan vote every Republican cast in favor of John Roberts with his known conservative agenda. Not one dissenter within the Party ranks.

The exclusion of this important detail should send shivers down the backs of anyone thinking there might be some hope for the fourth estate. It appears partisanship only works one way.

Think about it. When Republicans avoid and castigate more liberal leaning judges, by default, aren't they admitting their preference toward activist conservative judges? Yes, in case there might be a waivering right winger reading this.

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