Monday, April 20, 2020

WMC says get back to work, death rates much smaller than in New York.

If only I could risk my health and life just to keep someone else's business open. If only...sigh.

Trump cultists clamoring to go back to work are convinced capitalism is worth the lives of hundreds of thousands of other people. Their own juvenile arguments and death wish that puts their close family members at risk shocks the senses doesn't it?

Kurt Bauer, from the conservative lobbying group Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), said keeping people safe at work is "obviously" a part of their mission.
"And it's a responsibility that all businesses must take seriously. Businesses have a commitment to keep their people safe on the job..."
But is it really...?

As more essential workers become ill with coronavirus, OSHA is telling many of them that it won’t crack down on businesses that fail to follow COVID-19 guidelines. The position has left some workers, unions and advocates scrambling to figure out how to protect employees. “Workers are left to fend for themselves right now,” said Rebecca Reindel, safety and health director at the AFL-CIO.   Workers say employers aren’t cleaning worksites properly, providing protective equipment or telling them when coworkers became sick with the coronavirus, interviews and records obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show.
Upfront's Adrienne Pedersen wasn't buying into Bauer's flimsy "hope" that businesses would act responsibly, saying WISN's newsroom received calls claiming just the opposite.

Trump Guidelines calling for 14 Day Downward trajectories...ignored for WI's smaller Body Count: Hey, compared to New York, our numbers are much smaller!

To Bauer, "getting there" is all we really need to force safe-at-home workers back into a pandemic, even if they didn't want to.

Republicans have already targeted that eventual problem up by claiming the federal unemployment payments were set too high, discouraging workers from going back, discounting their actual fear of getting infected. That will set up firings statewide, resulting in a "work or die" situation:
Bauer: "I think we are getting there...we're on the right trajectory. You're looking at Wisconsin infection rate, Wisconsin's hospitalization rate, and the death rates are relatively small by comparison..." 
Scott Walker wrongly claims States not working on a Game Plan: Insists there has to be a "balance" where there is none, and back-to-work must happen now...but slowly? The poster boy of career politicians who liked biting the hand that fed his whole family. When this guy talks, it makes everyone wonder how we survived 8 years of this incompetent sociopath. Had to be pure luck:

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