Sunday, April 5, 2020

Nygren turns Evers "Sledgehammer" attacking COVID-19, into a "Scalpel" of Excuses to do Nothing!

According to Rep. John Nygren, now is not the time to focus on 10 years of bad Republican tax cut policy, and all their failures, exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like we wouldn't have noticed? 

In this opinion piece...

…Nygren plays down the COVID-19 epidemic sweeping the state by claiming only a little thing like a scalpel is needed to see us through this health and economic collapse. Why? Power baby. 

1. Democrats Use Coronavirus to Spend Money?: Never once focusing on the sick and dying, Nygren has the balls to start his piece by going after state workers still out there risking their lives to help guide us through this health crisis and primary election. Using the politics of resentment...: 
Gov. Tony Evers recently requested more than $1 billion, a blank check for the state Department of Health Services, and virtually limitless taxpayer-funded employees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2. NYGREN DEFENDS THE PROBLEMS REPUBLICANS CREATED: Nygren makes it clear, Republicans are never going to give Gov. Evers even temporary power to nimbly deal with COVID-19, powers they grabbed in the lame duck session. 
It’s not only unlimited spending that Gov. Evers has asked for. He has also proposed  taking away legislative oversight of appropriations and position authorization.
Using the Jedi mind trick, Nygren repeats, "these are not the GOP created problems you are looking at...:
I know we all want to help our friends and neighbors during this crisis...
Sure, but...
I wanted to make sure you understand the fiscal state of Wisconsin...
Yea, what about that? Now that we're in the midst of a pandemic, how is that "fiscal state" after so many tax cuts irresponsibly ratcheted down our ability to respond. Better idea, lets go back to "the people who know best how to spend their money," and see if each one of them will know best how to fix this:
We know your money is best left with you, not bureaucrats in Madison.
3. CANNOT SPEND MORE: Let's start with the almost biblical big lie, that even a pandemic can't tear down. Now more than ever you can see how dumb this was:
We cannot, and should not, spend more than we take in.
Here's my favorite line downplaying tax cuts, which I did not make up, misquote or pull it out of context. Remember, Gov. Evers had to veto 2 attempts to pass major tax cuts that would have left the state dangerously unprepared:
Making matters more difficult, state revenue collections will undoubtedly be lower than we previously thought due to the COVID-19 health emergency.
Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, this was a problem. People weren't over taxed, but they were told there is a free lunch, so here's your tax cut. Vote for us. Goodbye dynamic 21st century economy.

Can anyone tell me what the hell ties these 3 ideas together? My god focus:
As nurses and doctors around the state perform lifesaving duties, possibly without proper personal protection equipment, now is not the time to strip our state’s voter ID law right before an election or replace the Legislature with unelected bureaucrats, such as Gov. Evers is thinking about.
What about preparedness, which Nygren is oddly arguing against, and tight family budgets even after tax cuts? Again, didn't Nygren try to pass two major tax cuts that would have definitely left us dangerously unprepared?
Over the last few budgets, we have prepared for this moment by investing heavily in our state’s rainy-day fund … As families across the state tighten up their budgets, they can do so with a little more money in their pockets.
Gee thanks?

Nygren wrapped up by pleasantly sounding like he didn't just say everything listed above. Magic:
We need to take care of those who are hurting, support those who are on the front lines, and assure sufficient testing and care is being delivered to our most vulnerable. Together we can and will get through this.
But we cannot, and should not, spend more than we take in. Where did he learn such wizardry?

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