Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Trump wants to block employees lawsuits against businesses if they get COVID-19 on the job!!!

Trump COVID-19 deniers, proudly displaying their not-so-individualistic employee-state-of-mind, hope you don't remember their unshakable Christian pro-life positions...

...that just by coincidence mirrors OSHA's "give me COVID19!" position:

...and now? See, it all works out in the end...

Donald Trump and his administration are working to make it impossible for workers to sue their employers if they contract the novel coronavirus on the job.

"We have tried to take liability away from these companies," Trump said at his Monday coronavirus press briefing. "We just don't want that (liability) because we want the companies to open and to open strong."

The push to take away workers' rights comes as Trump has called for an end to the social distancing measures that have slowed the spread of the coronavirus but crippled the economy
A report from the Washington Post notes that the Trump administration is looking into such waivers. The Post also reported that the administration wants to block customers from suing an employee of a business if they contract the virus from that worker — for example, if someone contracts it from a waiter or a delivery driver.
One other part of social dismantling is being considered:
White House official confirmed is under consideration, is having the president call on all federal agencies to not enforce regulations against small businesses.
All this on top of...
Last week, the administration decided not to enforce stricter air quality standards despite the potential link between air pollution and coronavirus risks.

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