Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tavern League coronavirus hoax supporters push opening Bars and Restaurants so we can buy, buy, buy!!!

Could it be going as planned by the Trump administration? Similar to massive corporate farms squeezing out local family farms, the larger chain restaurants are now about to squeeze out local restaurants and bars:
Restaurant owners received no federal Paycheck Protection Program small business loans while large chains netted millions.

Corporate Wisconsin Republicans/Big Business thing we will Never Forget: Capitalism's ugly side and overwhelming control of the Trump Party controlling our state Capitol is out in plain view.

Just imagine the optics as you sit uneasily enjoying your food and drinks...what could go wrong?
WPR: The Tavern League of Wisconsin, a lobbying group that represents alcoholic beverage sellers, is calling on the state to allow bars and restaurants to reopen on May 1 ... restaurants would reopen to in-person dining at half capacity on May 1, with six feet of distance between all people and tables, and all employees wearing masks and gloves. The proposal would also ban paper menus and table condiments.
Wait for it...you'll love that corporate GOP "balance" we hear so much about:
Tavern League executive director Pete Madland said the group is not choosing business interests over public safety. Just as essential businesses have stayed open during the crisis, restaurants can too, he said. "I don’t think it has to be an either-or situation. We’re trying to reach a balance here."
Keep trying!

Just guessing here, but the Tavern League's idea is not so popular:
Lydia Sobol, who owns the farm to-table restaurant Sobie's in Oconomowoc with her husband, Mike, said they haven't received any relief or funding yet. "We've applied for all of the relief programs and we've received not a single cent," she said. While it's their livelihood, for most, dining out is "a luxury, not a necessity," Sobol said.

"We could make our masks and we have gloves, but we do not want to put the lives of our staff and guests at risk for money and for profit, ever."
Francesca Hong, a chef and co-owner of Morris Ramen in Madison, has closed her restaurant, citing the safety of her workers. She opposes the Tavern League’s plan, calling it selfish. Not only would it be unprofitable to operate at 50 percent capacity, Hong said, it would be dangerous.
"The health of our economy depends on restaurants, but the health of our economy also depends on the health of the people. It will only prolong this process. It’s irresponsible. It’s fiscally irresponsible, it’s physically irresponsible, it’s socially irresponsible to open on May 1."
Help is on  the way for those businesses that want to open:

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