Friday, April 3, 2020

Vos/Fitzgerald say risk worth voting in person during COVID-19 crisis because it's "as important as getting take-out food."

Well, this took long enough:
Gov. Tony Evers called on lawmakers Friday to delay Tuesday's election, a call that was dismissed just hours later by GOP leaders.
It's hard to imagine a more surreal scheme where Republicans have to exploit COVID-19 deniers. They're actually encourage their constituents to gather at the polls, risking infection, to elect an activist dominionistic Justice and pass Marsy's Law, a poorly written invitation that gives corporations victims rights. It'll cost taxpayers money and give state government even more power.

Vos and Fitzgerald want to take advantage of a whole bunch of Trump cult voters seeking to own the libs and ignore the overblown COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, Democratic voting Milwaukee is going from typically 180 polling locations to just 5. Seriously?

Below, WPR's Shawn Johnson sadly cleaned up the Vos/Fitzgerald reaction, leaving out the utterly brutal words that characterize these two sociopathic pirates. The quote is now burned in my brain:

Presenting Vos/Fitzgerald's condescending reckless 'statement:

Making sure nothing goes wrong securing the win for conservative Supreme Court Justice Kelly...

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