Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Emergency Powers slowing COVID-19 pandemic and saving lives, too much for State corporate Republican sellouts!!!

It appears Trump Republicans Rep. Robin Vos and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald's scheme to put off confirming Gov. Evers appointments - a transparent move to silence and keep them in line - will work it's magic again. And their unquestioning voters won't even know this is happening.

Republicans want to repeal the stay-at-home order and usurp the health departments' ability to save lives.
Republican leaders took Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to court to stop his administration from keeping businesses and schools closed through May in an effort to slow the spread of a deadly virus. The two sides battle over whether shutting down the state to save lives is worth the devastating economic toll.
If you've got a problem with saving lives or preventing economic damage.

This will be one final test for the conservative activist State Supreme Court and any claim to legitimacy. 

Power Grab at the Cost of Lives Continues: As both the headline and "Breaking News" headline tell the story:

Officials have identified seven people who appear to have contracted COVID-19 through activities related to the April 7 election, Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik said Monday. Six of the cases are in voters and one is a poll worker.
The Evers administration is apparently only acting "under the color of State law" now, a kind of fake executive power. Yes, the stench of arrogance wafts over the Capitol. 
The GOP leaders are seeking to take away the state health secretary's ability to make unilateral decisions during public health emergencies and instead require her to gain their approval before taking action. "Purporting to act under color of State law, an unelected, unconfirmed cabinet secretary has laid claim to a suite of czar-like powers — unlimited in scope and indefinite in duration — over the people of Wisconsin," the complaint reads. If they're successful, businesses and schools could likely re-open if owners and administrators wanted to do so.
Elections don't matter, not for Democrats, who apparently don't get to speak for the people who elected them. It's the ruling minority of a handful of mob-like dumb asses protesting life-saving orders that seems to matters during a PANDEMIC:
Evers' orders "denied the people a voice through this unprecedented administrative overreach."
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin summed up the power grab:
"Let's be clear about one thing. If Republicans are successful, people will die," the party said in a tweet.
The James Bond-like pair of power-mongering villains couldn't have more envious and whiny since losing the governorship and every other statewide office. You'll notice no reference to COVID-19 anywhere in the tantrum. They decreed...:
"Just as troubling, the Secretary asserts that her go-it-alone shutdown authority has no expiration date — making it greater than even the Governor’s emergency powers," the complaint says. "... by the time the Secretary sees fit to lift her decree (be it in five weeks or eight months), many Wisconsinites will have lost their jobs, and many companies will have gone under, to say nothing of the Order’s countless other downstream societal effects. Our State will be in shambles."

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