Thursday, February 1, 2018

The New Republican Party and Cadidates are here...Trump appeasers Ryan and Walker must be proud..

It was hard to imagine...once. Now it's a reality, and that eye watering stench is coming from the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan's primary challenger Paul Nehlen simply reflects the natural "regression" of  Republicans  in general, the exciting next generation of resent driven hate and paranoia. And thanks to Trump's unfiltered boldness, candidates and party leaders are telling us the festering rot we're seeing in America isn't coming from them, it's coming from Jews and drug induced killer immigrants:
(Nehlen) tweeted a list of 81 Twitter users who have criticized him on the social media platform. In the post, Paul Nehlen asserted 74 of the listed critics were Jewish. 

An hour after posting the list of critics, Nehlen tweeted out a link to a page on his campaign website where the names, emails and phone numbers of those who have contacted his campaign to criticize him are posted along with portions of their emails or transcripts of voicemails.
The Terrorist Left: I've been waving this red flag for years. Republicans have vilified the word liberal and portrayed them as terrorists and nation ending socialists for years. What did you think would happen? Note: Nehlen oddly wasn't "silenced...on major social media" was he, when he post his trash on Twitter?
He also posted text of legislation he said he would propose to "end the radical left's silencing of conservative voices on major social media platforms."
 Republicans Mainstream Messaging:
Ann Jacobs chairs the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and said she has never seen rhetoric like this in Wisconsin politics. 
"The idea that this is someone who is running for public office and who thinks that his anti-Semitic opinions are mainstream, worthwhile, going to get him votes. It's just horrifying."
In response, the person whose message above is shown on the right, explained:
The phone number for a woman who asked Wisconsin Public Radio to identify her as M to preserve her privacy (said), "I contacted someone who wants to be a public official using a public number and because he disagreed with my statement, he posted my private information online. What upsets me the most is that there are people who want to become part of our government who want to end civic discourse, and civil discourse."
 Nehlen: "It means not backing down to people like this:" In the lives of these new conservative messengers, this kind of stuff has been normalized, as demonstrated by Nehlen's frightening response. In his world, this makes perfect sense:
Responding to questions from WPR by email, Nehlen's campiagn said "pointing out factual information is not anti-Semitic," and that people's criticisms of the campaign were posted to the site "to provide the public full transparency of what they can expect if they run for office" and that Nehlen is "no more concerned (about those critics receiving threatening or harassing messages) than they were by making threatening/harassing calls or messaging of this campaign."
Not to be outdone: While liberals are vilified for pushing health care for all (the horror), there are right wing groups influencing Republicans right now that have a much deeper and darker agenda:

The group, Abolish Abortion Wisconsin, is affiliated with the radical activist Matt Trewhella and plans to host an event in the State Capitol on February 7, according to the message to legislators from Rep. Chuck Wichgers. Abolish Abortion Wisconsin: “… public officials in Wisconsin are bound by solemn oath and moral duty to oppose the Supreme Court’s perversion of the Constitution … When we are asked what the punishment should be for women who have illegal abortions, we should unashamedly respond – whatever the penalty is for murder in the state where it takes place.”

One Wisconsin Now: “Rep. Wichgers is not advertising a meeting to have a rational discussion of public policy. Instead he is promoting a repugnant hate group that advocates for lawlessness and violence against women.”

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