Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Teen Activists, Consumers, and Voters key to gun laws...and change!

On guns...
"Yea, I'm more hopeful about gun control than I have been in a long time because the most powerful stakeholder in the American economy is the consumer .... and It seems the consumer is getting angry about this, and teens were the most important consumer in the world, because we wear their clothes, we take their cues in terms of media, what phones we want, what restaurants are cool, what vacation spots we want to go to. They are the tip of spear." - Professor Scott Galloway
I thought the quote above and the video clip below touched on new territory, that was exciting and so potentially powerful. And it could change the nations political dynamics...soon.

For decades, Republicans believed the longer a person experienced the harsh realities of life, the more conservative they would become. Of course that was ridiculous. Republicans believed that teens were too young to vote, naive, and weren't getting the kind of civic lessons they needed to become "real American." So Republican states now require a civics test to graduate. Big mistake. Curriculum changes already emphasized American history. That said, students were now arming themselves to be adept political realists and activists, hell bent on changing society for the better.

If you have the time, check out Professor Scott Galloway's interpretation of the events surrounding mass shootings and what he sees as a time for real change: 


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