Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Paul Ryan distances himself from Humanity.

I hate to overuse this, but it works to set up this post...I recently tweeted this about the 2nd Amendment.

If you've noticed, Republicans are always protecting their supposed constitutional right to buy or not buy things, like big gulps, pigtail light bulbs, bump stocks, contraceptives, wedding cakes...etc.

All's well, Paul Ryan Defends doing nothing, and Buying Assault Weapons:  It would be easy to called Ryan a soulless ghoul...okay, I'm going to reign it in a little. But really, how can anyone act like he does, so cold, calculating, unemotional...so untethered to real world suffering? Maybe he's proving that someone can act out and become that greedy fictional character in an Ayn Rand novel? Note to Ryan: There are now an additional 17 people who's rights have been denied, forever:
Ryan: "We shouldn't be banning guns from law abiding citizens....so what we want to do is protect peoples rights while making sure people who should not get guns do not get guns."
How has that worked so far? 

The Real Second Amendment Argument Ryan avoids...: I was fascinated by MSNBC's legal chief Ari Melber's piece on the Second Amendment that clearly exposes the vacuousness and mindlessness of just spewing out that old line, "we're protecting our Second Amendment right to bear arms." Melber has never been one to step out on a limb with a controversial opinion, so this means something. A must see: