Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bumbling AG Brad Schimel vs challenger Josh Kaul a toss up, but it really shouldn't be!!!

Scott Walker lapdog AG Brad Schimel is suddenly springing into action...wonder why? He's up for reelection, and just like Walker, he's noticed a few problems that suddenly need attention.


First, Schimel probably saw this news...
Of the 30 elected AG seats that are up this cycle ... we consider nine to be "in play," meaning they are rated tossup ... the open AG offices in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio, plus the seat held by a Republican incumbent in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel (R): Schimel faces Democrat Josh Kaul, a former federal prosecutor and first-time candidate who is the son of former Wisconsin AG Peg Lautenschlager. Both Schimel and Kaul should have enough money to be competitive. Wisconsin is one of the most politically polarized states. If the Democrats do as well as they did in a recent special election race -- one considered an early referendum on Trump's presidency -- this could be a strong pickup opportunity.
Schimel's Growing Opioid Epidemic: Once upon a time in Wisconsin...:
 From 2001 to 2007, heroin deaths were constant around 27 deaths per year.

Under Schimel's utter incompetence, we've seen the opioid epidemic fester, doubling the number of overdose victims in Wisconsin. "In 2016, 827 people died from opioid overdoses in Wisconsin." Not even a dent. For a guy ready to sue the the government on behalf of Scott Walker's pet projects, he hasn't found the time to take on profit driven Big Pharma, no matter how the Democrats plead:

Democratic state Rep. Lisa Subeck (said), “We are calling on Attorney General Schimel to stop dragging his feet and finally join the two-thirds of Wisconsin counties, seven states and other jurisdictions throughout the country by filing a lawsuit on behalf of the people of Wisconsin to hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in creating the opioid epidemic.”
Schimel only Now is going after Abusive Care Givers: a small but well publicized way:
Schimel announces project aiming to stop caregiver abuse of elderly: Attorney General Brad Schimel announced the beginning of the Safe Seniors Camera Program Tuesday. The pilot program allows the Department of Justice to provide participants with a camera and memory card for up to 30 days. They are then required, on a daily basis, to save any recordings and notify a local law enforcement agency of any recordings that the resident believes may depict illegal conduct.
Schimel Suddenly Getting to Sexual Assault Kit Backlog: Guess who's now got a fire under his ass to clear the backlog?
Wisconsin DOJ Contracts With 2 More Labs To Test Sexual Assault Kits: The Joyful Heart Foundation has been pushing states to analyze untested kits in hopes of developing DNA profiles for serial offenders. Nearly 4,000 Wisconsin kits have been designated for testing. Analysis has been completed on 862 kits so far. 1,300 Kits To Be Tested By Labs By The End Of 2018. 
Schimel said a month ago:
Schimel said, "We feel confident with what we've put in place that by this time next year, we'll have all the kits tested."
But on May 17, 2017, Schimel discovered...

More confusion ensued when Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel was asked if it was true that only 60 kits have been tested so far. Koremenos said a private lab had tested 50 kits and the state crime lab had tested an additional 13, but Schimel said Tuesday that he didn’t know where those numbers came from. Skwierawski had to walk Schimel through the numbers.

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