Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nebraska says Wind not Renewable..."Not Nebraska Nice" and "a Scam and isn't green energy by any definition of the term."

If anything describes the state of the Republican Party today, this mind-bending idea is it. Who votes for these people anyway, my god...still, I just love this story:
Yes, this is a real ad on his site!
Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer (R) has proposed a new bill that would restrict wind power development in the state and end the designation of wind power as “renewable.”

The bill would undo provisions the state has enacted in recent years to streamline wind power development ... provisions that have enabled the state to attract companies like Facebook with the promise of low-cost 100 percent renewable wind power.
If this doesn't make your head explode, nothing will:

It's just that easy...?
“Wind energy is not Nebraska Nice,” Brewer wrote in an opinion piece last October. “Wind energy is a scam that hurts people and animals, wastes billions in tax dollars, and isn’t ‘green’ energy by any definition of the term.”
The truth is a lot less crazy:
In fact, wind power is one of the least polluting power sources available today — and thanks to smart government policies, it has become so cheap that building new wind farms with battery storage is now cheaper than running existing coal plants.
Republicans "Jobs" Myth: It's never been about creating jobs, it's been about some twisted out-of-limits ideological dystopia that...heck, I can't come up with anything else.
The Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) opposed Brewer’s bill noting the strategy of offering companies 100 percent renewable power had landed “a lot of national and international companies in the pipeline” for local job-creating projects.

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