Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Walker Republicans Brutal, abandon Constituents with their "Business over People" agenda!

What Republicans are now doing with paid medical leave is so breathtakingly bad that it doesn't seem possible:
If the bill passes, a part-time employee who works between 19 and 24 hours a week would go from having two weeks of paid leave to care for a sick child to none at all.
These are our poorest Americans, making almost nothing but still working, losing their ability to take care of their sick family members. How dare they think they deserve such a benefit.

Wisconsin giving up State Rights to Federal Government? Walker Republicans have suddenly decided federal law beats local control. Like their decision to abandon state environmental laws, they are now leaving employees paid sick leave up to the Washington:
Under the plan, businesses that have to comply with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act would no longer have to follow state rules on leave.
State Paid Leave Laws to take care of Sick Child "expensive, time-consuming? Here's where voters and their kids found out they're no longer being served. Hey, it's easier this way. Business, business, business:
Supporters of the measure say it's expensive and time-consuming for Wisconsin businesses to make sure they're complying with both state and federal leave laws.

They argue the goal of the bill isn't to strip people of benefits. "That is not the goal — that maybe makes it easy for some folks to try to demonize the bill, but that’s not the goal here," said Chris Reader, director of health and human resources policy at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which supports the proposal. "The goal is to make compliance easier and to bring consistency to regulations between the state and federal government."

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