Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Republican Rep. Jarchow not happy with uncluttered pristine Shorelines not making someone a big profit.

Rep. Adam Jarchow either lied or changed his mind dramatically about protecting Wisconsin's waterways for future outdoor enthusiasts. Who knew he would be protecting developers from the public's use of our lakes and rivers. On an ironic note, Jarchow is a graduate of Clear Lake High School.

In and act of Bizarro World logic, Jarchow said he would defended Wisconsin's outdoor heritage, all the while making numerous attempts to trash it:
Many of us love living here because we love hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing and just spending time outdoors. As an avid hunter and fisher, Adamunderstands that we must protect and defend our unique rural character. This means protecting our woods and protecting our waters.
I caught this interesting audio quote by Jarchow on WPR this morning, a moment the public might be shocked to hear from someone "protecting our waters:"
Democratic Rep. Gary Hebl: "We've got every single environmental organization against this bill, doesn't that say something to you?"

Republican Rep. Adam Jarchow: "Doesn't!"

Democratic Rep. Gary Hebl: "Ok."
Now that's a real public servant. Jarchow's bill to plunder Wisconsin's waterways is backed by lobbyists and outside corporate special interests like Americans for Prosperity, Wisconsin Realtors Association, and the Wisconsin Builders Association. It's crazy not to steer business profits to the few developers who want the shoreline properties to themselves, and to the real estate agents who can sell it for fat commissions.

The Wisconsin Wetlands Association says the bill would allow too much dredging of wetlands along the edge of a lake and reduce protection of wetlands not under federal control. Pam Biersach, director of the bureau of watershed management, said some language appears to conflict with federal regulations concerns and others raised by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers... 
Here's WKOW's report:

Check out Jarchow's relentless advocacy for the Realtors, builders and Koch sponsored AFP.