Friday, January 8, 2016

Bumbling Texas Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick aid terrorist by leaking details of arrest in that was in progress.

Not only are Republicans endangering the public by daring ISIS to attack Americans with immigration bans and heated rhetoric, but now they're spilling the beans on an in-progress investigation and arrest. Imagine what would have happened if a Democrat pulled this stunt:
Reuters: Two Texas politicians, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor
Dan Patrick, made public details of an investigation into a terrorism suspect while it was still in progress, potentially jeopardizing the inquiry, three sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.
Anyone trust these tough on terrorist Repubicans that can't even keep a secret or follow instructions?
Abbott and Patrick released details from documents that were still under court seal, the sources said. A spokesman for Governor Abbott had no immediate comment. Patrick's office was not available for comment ... both Republicans and their party has been fiercely resisting Democratic President Barack Obama's plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country over the next year, arguing that they pose a security risk to the United States.
It's clear both Abbott and Patrick both pose a security threat to law enforcement going after terrorists.

Abbott is an especially dangerous right wing zealot who just proposed a constitutional convention that would result in states being able to ignore the federal government and overturn Supreme Court decisions. Take a look, it's a secessionists wet dream and recipe for absolute nationwide chaos:

Common Cause has written about the consequences of a balanced budget amendment and the whole idea of a constitutional conventions, check it out. 
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