Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goodbye Local Control, Republicans want to ban Rental Permits and Inspections; Kick People out in 5 Days for Suspected Criminal Activity!!!

I think I’ve figured it out. There's a reason why Republicans are wiping out the idea of local control with sweeping one size fits all statewide regulations. Heck, they even justify it by saying it makes government less confusing and fair. After all, who wants a patchwork of locally controlled regulations?

Sneaky too, because when Republicans are kicked out of office again, they’ll fire up the base by demanding a return to local control. And around and around we go.

The Republican Authority Targets Peoples Homes: Since Republicans have already bypassed local law enforcement officials with recently passed gun laws, you can now add tenant rights to that list. They’re giving landlords the power to throw people out of their rental housing within five days...on just a whim that there's is illegal activity, bypassing law enforcement again:
Landlords could evict tenants in five days if they suspect criminal activity under a Republican-backed plan to rewrite Wisconsin's landlord-tenant laws. Backers of the plan said that if police don't investigate criminal behavior, it can leave landlords with few options. 

"This is used for criminal activity," said Attorney Tristan Pettit, who represents landlords in tenant disputes. "The drug dealing. The beating somebody up. The threatening. The shooting off of guns. That is what we need this for, because right now, landlords cannot do anything about that."
So what about the unintended consequences...:
Tony Gibard, with Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said "I just want the committee to think about what that means in the life of a domestic violence victim who may have just been beaten, bloodied and brutalized and has five days to figure out what to do."  
WISC had this coverage with one of the cosponsors, Sen. Frank Lasee:
”I feel like if you have bad-acting tenants, often the other tenants living nearby are paying a greater price than the landlord,”

The Republican Authority to Let Rental Housing deteriorate: I know, that sounds crazy right, but I swear it’s true. Killing local control statewide over the quality of rental housing is beyond anything I could have imagine.

According to the WPR report (audio below) Republicans want to ban local communities from requiring rental permits that make sure housing is up to code and provide for routine inspections over a 3 to 5-year period. 

We are after all talking about a businesses that are supposed to provide a safe and healthy place where people live, eat and bathe. No quality control? Just imagine Republicans catering to the food service lobby by banning unfair restaurant inspections…hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have brought that up.