Monday, January 25, 2016

Free Market sees no Demand for Broadband expansion to Rural Farmers, Communities and Republican Voters, they're just not worth it.

The mystery continues...rural voters just love Republicans like Scott Walker and his legislative right wing social engineers hell bend on controlling other peoples lives. For example, Rep. Jesse Kremer admitted that his agenda is “frankly, red meat for conservatives.” If that wasn't insulting enough, he's been fighting to put fire hazards like real Christmas trees in churches, along with...
...legislation that banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, would place gender restrictions on school bathrooms and locker rooms, allow concealed carry permit-holders to carry weapons on public school grounds and college campuses, put photo IDs on food stamp recipients’ debit cards and prohibit city officials from blocking police officers from asking people about their immigration status.
This isn't about job creation, this about power and institutionalizing a politically driven agenda that runs counter to their own talking points.

I'm posting this after seeing the following "in the tank" Walker troll's jaw-dropping tweet:

This is proof Republicans are still arguing against the New Deal's Rural Electrification Act of 1936.

But rural farmers and local communities are desperately looking for the kind of help their own elected officials will never provide:
State Sen. Julie Lassa: As the Senate Committee on Economic Development held a series of listening sessions around the state this past fall, we heard from business leaders in many rural communities that greater access to broadband is crucial to enable them to attract both new businesses and skilled employees. Making a real investment in expanding broadband in rural areas would be one of the most important ways we can promote job creation in Wisconsin.
As you might recall, in one of the most irresponsible partisan actions taken by Walker, he rejected a chance for Wisconsin taxpayers to get back the money they paid into the federal government to build-up our broadband job creating infrastructure:
One of the governor’s first acts back in 2012 was to turn away nearly $23 million in grant funding that would have allowed the state to expand fiber optic broadband networks to 82 schools and 385 library facilities. We lost 150 full-time jobs that could have been created by this project.
So not only did Walker refuse a return of our own federal tax dollars, he’s now going to spend tax dollars we don't have to make up for his mistake:
The most recent state budget contains only $6 million spread over four years for broadband deployment.  
Is it any wonder than why Minnesota continues to rake in billion dollar surpluses and jobs with their broadband expansion:
According to the publication Government Technology, the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development has already managed $30 million in broadband investment in that state since it launched in January 2014. The legislature there recently approved a $10 million annual investment in broadband expansion, and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has proposed investing $100 million of the state’s nearly $2 billion budget surplus in bringing broadband to rural communities. 

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Mark Gisleson said...

Rural folks can get good broadband, assuming they can afford cell phone prices. How much would a normal household spend to get their internet via cell phone? About $400-$1000 a month (a single Netflix movie at Verizon cell rates costs about $30 to stream).

That's why no one cares. However underserved rural areas are, the rural affluent can generate as much profit from cell use as the rest of the population can from by subscribing to normal services.