Friday, January 15, 2016

Scared sh**less, Rep. Jesse Kremer wants guns in schools to fight....terrorism!!!

The effort to coerce "soft targets," people like you and me who don't carry a gun, into carrying out of fear for our lives, continues abated.

While violent crime has skyrocketed since concealed carry passed, and gun deaths in Milwaukee increased by 40% over last year, Scott Walker continues to perpetuate the myth that Wisconsin is now safer.

If not in UW classrooms, at least in our elementary, middle and high school buildings: Two Republican extremists have oddly made arming people in and around schools an idea who's time has come.

Even worse, the bill's creators admitted it was a way to protect supposed "responsible gun owners" from accidentally breaking the law in schools zones. You know, irresponsible behavior made legal:
Senate President Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) said the measure is intended to make sure weapons permit holders aren't inadvertently committing crimes when they drop their kids off at school. "I don't want to see that happen to well intentioned law-abiding people," she said in an interview.
Apparently one guy forgot about his gun and was arrested. So the natural make bad behavior legal?

This reminds me of time Rep. Joel Kleefisch tried to change the states child support law because one guy didn't like the amount he had to pay.

Not just the 2nd Amendment, we're fighting terrorism in schools: Even worse than worse, Republican Rep. Jesse Kremer said his sponsorship of the bill was based on fighting our schools? Watch in utter disbelief folks. Kewaskum is so proud. WISC:
Kremer: "The biggest concern I have isn't necessarily the nut-job, it is a terrorist attack. And right now we are ripe for a terrorist probably won't be in the big city, it'll be in a small rural area where no one expects it because they know those are soft targets."

Coincidentally, Kewaskum is a small rural area that could be attacked. Kremer's fear mongering might be your typical GOP get-out-the-vote effort for 2016. Ya think?

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