Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lawsuit Crazy AG Schimel dangerously behind by 2 Years updating Websites Crime Statistics that benefit community Law Enforcement.

Scott Walker’s embarrassing lapdog of an Attorney General Brad Schimel is spending so much time getting an earful from the governor on the next anti-government lawsuit, that he doesn’t have time to do anything else, like his job. Wausau Daily Herald:
A state-run website devoted to informing Wisconsinites about crime in their communities has become increasingly outdated due to a sluggish overhaul by Attorney General Brad Schimel's Department of Justice … the public has seen no benefit from these efforts so far. The most recent crime data currently available is from 2012, two years behind IllinoisMichiganMinnesota and other states with similar websites.
Walker can’t blame the big bad federal government for this one. In another holy crap moment:
Even the federal government, typically slower than states to publish crime data, has rolled out more current statistics about Wisconsin than the state’s own Department of Justice. Online federal data shows violent crime grew slightly in the state from 2012 to 2014, largely due to more robberies.
Wisconsin not Safer under Walker, and getting Worse: While violent crime has increased since the passage of concealed carry and the stand your ground law, Walker’s AG is making things worse by not giving localities the resources to resolve problem areas.
Wisconsin hasn’t lived up to that basic mission in recent years. State officials have received mountains of data from local authorities and passed it on to the federal government but declined to publish it themselves while searching for new software to publicly release crime data. 

The standstill effectively leaves many Wisconsinites with an outdated view of crime patterns in their communities and fewer tools to track what local law enforcement agencies are doing to keep them safe. 
Here we are in 2016 and....
The agency referred us to its website for historical statistics and said 2013 numbers were available only upon request while the website was being updated. Also, data from 2014 had not yet been compiled.
This isn't the first time Schimel had trouble updating websites. Radio cancer Vicki McKenna kindly trashed Schimel for not being ready for a simple interview, where he couldn't remember the address to his own AG campaign website: