Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Walker’s Magical Repair Tour through Wisconsin to push “Divide & Conquer” fight between Public Employee Health and funding Public Education!

Scott Walker is in full panic mode over his low approval ratings. It's so bad that he's decided to hit the road on a statewide "listening" tour finally, you know, like Russ Feingold does all the time. Let's be clear, listening isn't a Republicans strong suit, so don't be surprised if Walker doesn't suddenly change his tune. Each of the issues Republicans changed in the short video below were opposed by the public:

But can state taxpayers afford the over-the-top security Walker thinks he'll need to protect himself from his dangerous liberal opponents? My guess is Walker will continue to hold closed invitation only appearances with friendly company supporters and their captive employee audiences.

Divide and Conquer Game Plan, again?: Walker will also be doubling down on what made him the most divisive governor in the nation, pitting Wisconsinite against Wisconsinite. These are the kind of energizing battles Walker's base falls for hook-line-and-sinker every time, guaranteeing high Republican turnout that wins them elections. Walker laid out his latest scheme, to... money by shifting state employee insurance coverage from Wisconsin health maintenance organizations to a self-insured model.
And using that possible "savings" to divide and conquer again:
“Tonight, I commit to investing every penny of savings to the general fund from these specific reforms to support public education.”
It was so obvious, even the Democrats caught onto the plan and uncharacteristically responded. WPR audio:
Democratic State Sen. Jennifer Shilling: "It sort of seems to be pitting state workers and their health insurance benefits against schools." 
Ya think? Note to Democrats, stop with the wimpy qualifiers like "sort of," "it seems like," "we're not sure but," "my respected colleague," and take a friggin' stand for gods sake:

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