Thursday, January 7, 2016

Republicans allow Hunters to declare Open Season on Photographers.

In another amazingly dangerous and irresponsible Republican move, hunters will have another reason to take aim and shoot to kill; unwanted lawbreaking photographers?

This will mesh well with your average stand your ground true believer. Tell me this isn't a recipe for trouble. Here's the press release by the NRA's local lobbying arm, Wisconsin FORCE:
Today, Wisconsin Firearm Owners applauded the members who voted for and unanimously advanced Senate Bill 338. The citizens of Wisconsin have protection against harassment and stalking. 

Senate Bill 338 expands current law so that a person may not interfere or attempt to interfere with an activity associated with lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping. It includes protection against disturbing a lawfully placed hunting stand, disturbing bait or other feed, using a drone to harass, and activities that are intended to harass our rich sporting heritage. 
When a law says taking pictures or a video is unlawful, what's to stop a hunter from using a gun to enforce the law as they see fit? The bill...:
...would expand the definition of interference with a hunter to include remaining in a hunter's sight and photographing or confronting a hunter more than twice with the intention to interfere.
What is wrong with these people. Wisconsin FORCE finished with this:
The individuals that photograph, record, use visual or physical proximity, confront or approach individuals during the exercise of lawful activities should be prosecuted. This bill would help to do that. It is time to help stop the harassment of activities involved with our rich sporting heritage. Wisconsin FORCE thanks Representative Jarchow and Senator Moulton for their leadership on this bill, as well as the bill’s numerous co-sponsors.
And what about pictures or recordings that show illegal activity, but were taken during or after a confrontation? This is gun madness.

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