Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lawsuit Crazy Scott Walker and Republican Party use Courts to Govern: Gun Laws next.

For years Republicans bashed Democrats for challenging their agenda in the courts, calling them lawsuit crazy. With tort reform, they were going to change our litigious society.

Amazing what a whole lotta power will do....

JS: The governor said he has asked fellow Republican and state Attorney General Brad Schimel to look into Obama's attempt to bypass Congress and use his executive authority to try to require more criminal background checks on gun sales.

"President Obama is again disregarding the constitutional principles of separation of powers and exceeding his authority as chief executive."
Funny how a black president is consistently challenged for things other white presidents did with even more vigor. One pundit suggested a Republican president should repeal all past executive orders if they're so unconstitutional. All of them!!!! See the chart ----->

It’s hard to understand how a simple expansion of background checks is going to “create” “uncertainty” about owning a gun. Why would a law-abiding citizen “fear prosecution.”
Walker: "The Obama administration issued guidance creating uncertainty and fear of prosecution for law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their right to sell firearms lawfully. Forthcoming federal rules could also deprive millions of Americans of their Second Amendment rights without any indication of imminent danger. I have asked the attorney general to review this proposed rule language as soon as it is made available and, if issued as reported, to take any and all legal measures available to challenge this illegal act."
Walker's laughably obedient lapdog Attorney General Brad Schimel continues to embarrass his elected office, with this grotesquely outlandish accusation and criticism of Obama:
Schimel: "It appears that President Obama once again intends to act unilaterally to restrict the 2nd Amendment and subvert the legislative process by issuing yet another executive order." 
A lack of respect with racial overtones have a lot to do with it, along with an unhealthy passion for guns.

But what's got Walker so enraged besides race and a few executive orders? Check out this 2nd Amendment right for corporations and those who've created "gun trusts," and not everyday Americans. Yes, in this case corporations aren't people, and they can buy (and use) machine guns and automatic weapons without background checks or anything. Walker wants that back too:

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