Thursday, January 21, 2016

Walker's "Escape Wisconsin" agenda a success...

Not much to say about a state I barely recognize anymore. WBAY:
Wisconsin ranks among top states people are leaving: A newly released study says more people are moving out of Wisconsin than most other states ... In 2015, Wisconsin ranked seventh among states that lost the most residents to another state according to a study by Atlas Van Lines moving company that looked at where people were moving.
 “The Midwestern states experienced a major shift to outbound moves, with Wisconsin .. going from balanced to outbound in 2015,” the study says. In 2015, according to the study, 1,138 people left Wisconsin, while 801 people moved in, resulting in a net loss of 337 people. In other words, 58.6 percent of moves were outbound. 

In previous years, the numbers had been more balanced with roughly the same number of people moving to the state as leaving.

States that had the highest percentage of outbound moves, according to Atlas Van Lines:Hawaii (62%)New York (61.8%)Illinois (61.7%)South Dakota (60%)Wyoming (59.5%)Indiana (59.3%)Wisconsin (58.6%)

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