Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Republicans now want strangers with guns in and around schools to protect irresponsible concealed carry loons.

This is a joke, right? I’ve been saying for some time now many of the new gun laws were created to protect irresponsible gun owners. People that “forget” or irresponsibly don’t care if they’re breaking state law carrying their gun in banned areas are getting an assist from their elected irresponsible Republican lawmakers.

Incredibly, our loony tunes Republican Sen. Mary Lazich admitted as much. JS:
Senate President Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) said the measure is intended to make sure weapons permit holders aren't inadvertently committing crimes when they drop their kids off at school. "I don't want to see that happen to well intentioned law-abiding people," she said in an interview.
See? She couldn’t get any clearer than that. Rewarding the irresponsible? Sure. One superintendent got it:
"I struggle with the fact we need a law to protect someone that forgets they had their gun with them while taking their children to school," said Phil Ertl, superintendent of the Wauwatosa School District.
The reasons given by these gun crazy, poor excuses for adults, run the gamut:
Republican Rep. Robert Brooks said he he would feel terrible if there were a school shooting and parents and teachers told him afterward they didn't have a chance to defend themselves because of state law. "We're not opening it to the wild west, if you will."

Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) is backing the bill. If some teachers were allowed to carry guns, they could fight back if their classrooms were attacked. "Right now, it's a soft target — no one's carrying," he said of schools. Kremer promoted a "campus carry" bill in the fall that would have allowed students and faculty to carry guns in university and college buildings. Kremer said he hoped the one for K-12 schools would get traction.
I think  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett summed it up best:
"This is insane," Barrett said in an interview. "Isn't there anybody in the majority party that wants to get serious about gun violence?"

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn: "Given the fact that law enforcement agencies are explicitly prohibited under our current (concealed weapons) law from analyzing their own data to determine the impact — both positive and negative — of the 2011 law, I am curious to see what information Representative Brooks has collected and used to determine that the law has been, as he says, effective."

Jeri Bonavia, executive director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, said she was concerned about those with permits carrying guns in schools and then getting enraged, and alluded to Rep. Bob Gannon (R-Slinger) — a gun rights advocate — flipping off a Democratic leader on the Assembly floor on Tuesday. "We have lawmakers with permits who can't control their middle fingers," Bonavia said.

Local school boards would be able to decide if anyone could carry weapons inside school buildings where instruction is provided. If they barred weapons from those buildings, they would have to post signs at each entrance noting guns weren't allowed.
Oh, and where are the Democrats?

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