Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shotgun Sarah says No to Blaze Pink sop to Women.

It looks like "blaze pink" hunting gear is just another show of male condescension to women. The Republican preoccupied with getting everybody out to hunt gave way to stereotypes and girl colors: 
According to state Department of Natural Resources data, female hunters made up about 10% of the state's gun deer hunters in 2014, 2013 and 2012. They made up about a quarter of hunters between ages 10 and 12 in 2014, however.
But blaze pink isn't going over so well with Shotgun Sarah:
AP: Female hunters urge Senate panel to scrap blaze pink bill … arguing the measure is sexist and won't make anyone safer in the woods. Sarah Ingle, who goes by the nickname "Shotgun Sarah.” and Jean Tackes, president and vice president of the Women's Hunting and Sporting Association, wore green camouflage T-shirts to the Senate agriculture committee's public hearing. They said that the bill's authors' contention that it will attract more women to hunting is demeaning.

"Would you really be willing to gut (a deer) and … drag it out of the woods just because you can wear pink?" said Ingle, "
Get this, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, one of the bill's chief sponsors, claims he didn’t try to target women. He said it didn’t even occur to him. Oddly, the pictures caption says otherwise...:
He never thought of the measure as a way of attracting women into the sport. "We could have done a better job when this first came out (saying) that (wearing pink) was an option and we didn't have any delusions of grandeur that this would bring women into this.”
And I'm sure the other bills sponsor never talked about it either? 
"(Hunting's) traditionally been seen as a man's sport," Rep. Nick Milroy, told the committee Wednesday. "We hope this is something that will reverse that trend and add to the ranks of hunters in Wisconsin."

Tackes told the committee, "(The bill) is a halfhearted attempt to go to women and say, 'Hey, I can wear pink and go out and hunt. That's not what women want and not what they need."
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