Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Walker claims Open Records Law will "stop all creative thinking."

Democrats have been right about a lot of things when it comes to the consequences of draconian spending cuts and tax policy handouts to big business. Thought through, not a lot of what the Walker administration does makes sense.

And as a voter, wouldn't you want to know how and why your elected politician did what they did, to better understand their thinking? It's one way to know if they're competent enough to be in office.

Oddly, Scott Walker doesn't think that's a good idea, nosy voters watching him and his administration coming up with policy. How will it will stop "creative thinking?" You know, creative suggestions and bad ideas that are mean, partisan, ugly and racist. Who needs to know who said what?

Check out the chopping, tortured illogical thinking Walker offered up to WKOW reporter Greg Neumann:  
Walker: "Something where I'm brainstorming and talking to some of my staff about that, that's not the same as a, a....if you do that you might as well stop all creative thinking, because nobody's ever gonna put on paper any ideas that they have. So to me that's a big difference between...the purpose of open records is to understand who may or may not be influencing people."
If lawmakers are offering ideas they're afraid to put on paper, maybe they shouldn't be suggesting them or be in office:

We have a right to see their pettiness and open contempt for voters for ourselves.


Lou Kaye said...

What Walker describes is unmistakably creeping fascism.

Emil Pocernich said...

Creative? He probably meant to say criminal.

Anonymous said...


What Walker practices is unmistakably creeping fascism.

Paul M said...

Hmmmm - it doesn't seem to have stopped it in the past...

greg miller said...

Looking at Walkers solutions to problems facing Wisconsin, basically recycling failed policies of the past shows that Walker has no creativity at all in his thinking, that is, if he does any thinking of his own. It seems that all that Walker can do is whatever his doners tell him to do.

And he gets paid well over $147,000 per year to do that!

I want my money back!