Thursday, January 21, 2016

Irresponsible gun owner Rep. Joel Kleefisch wants armed kids to hunt at any age. What could go wrong?

Just how many bills have been written by Republican legislators to inject guns into every nook and cranny of our lives, and how many jobs have they created? There's an unhealthy preoccupation with irresponsible gun related solutions coming out of Madison.

I've pretty much given up hope Republican voters would come to their senses, finally saying enough is enough, let's act like adults. Not even ending the minimum hunting age has set off alarm bells for right wing true believers basking in the glow of total party dominance.

GOP bill would end Wisconsin's minimum hunting age

Seriously, how confident are you your neighbor will always make the right decision when it comes to your safety? Are "responsible" gun owners always responsible decision makers? The answer must be yes, according to the numskulls pushing this insanity:
Bagged another dog!
The measure's supporters say parents should have the power to decide whether their child is ready to hunt. Opponents counter that young children aren't physically or mentally ready to wield long guns and could hurt themselves or others.

"Can that 1-day-old to 9-year-old differentiate between shoot (or) don't shoot?" Joseph Lacenski, president of the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instruction Association, said in remarks submitted to the Assembly natural resources committee. "Can they differentiate between what is killing vs. hunting? Can they rationalize the difference between video games they have been playing and the consequences of the real world?"
What's wrong with the current system?
Right now, children as young as 10 can hunt in Wisconsin without passing a safety course if they're accompanied by a mentor. The mentor must remain within arm's length of the student, and they can have only one weapon between them.
It doesn't take a genius to instinctively feel uneasy with the following...:
Under Rep. Joel Kleefisch's bill (AB411), anyone of any age could hunt without safety training alongside a mentor, and the mentor could carry his or her own weapon. The measure also will resolve conflicts for mentors who want to hunt themselves but don't have much time to spend in the woods by allowing them to teach and hunt simultaneously, he said.
So much for training, right? Hunting instructors don't agree:
Others contend that allowing mentors to hunt while teaching would diminish students' experiences because their teachers would be more focused on their own success. The instructor association warned the committee that a mentor could purchase a license for a newborn and then use it along with his own to kill two deer for himself.
Of course no one would ever game the system or break the law because they are, after all, “responsible gun owners:”
Kleefisch said mentors are honorable. "If selfishness was the motivation of the mentor, he or she would simply hunt by themselves."
Kids are bringing guns to school because they're everywhere now. Isn't it time we stop expelling honorable armed students too Joel? 


Anonymous said...

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

And your point is? Only 1 person on the list was under 10 years old. The average was 38.44 years. Besides what does this have to do with youth hunting?