Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Republicans lied about refinancing options for Students loans, ignore UW for Dual Credit Program.

Getting college education shouldn't be this hard.

Like everything else, the Republicans Rube Goldberg political agenda just keeps making things harder to get, with hoops and big government regulations that are meant to discourage people from pursuing their life goals. Like going to college.

Check out a clip from Michael Moore's latest documentary, "Where to Invade Next," that shows us all how easy going to college can be:

Scott Walker, like all Republicans, aren't fans of letting regular Americans get a college education. That's only a good idea when it comes to the elite, our leaders, like Walker's own two college educated sons. Walker's massive cuts to the UW system and accusations of liberal indoctrination have worked wonders with their conspiratorial voters.

And while Minnesota's "Self-Refi" state program gets underway, Walker has no intention of cutting into the banking industries college loan interest bonanza. Should Wisconsin start it's own program? Are you kidding. The "accountant caucus's" know-it-all answer man Rep. Dale Kooyenga even lied about why it was a bad idea:
As for Kooyenga, he told us his "I was speaking to the fact that beginning in 2008 the federal government began purchasing the loans made by private lenders" … (but) the context of the discussion was about students refinancing their loans through the government.

Indeed, that’s why Democrats have been pushing legislation to allow federal refinancing. Backers include Baldwin and Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold. Democrats have pushed legislation to allow the federal government to offer refinancing, so that student borrowers can get lower interest rates. But that legislation has not been adopted, and the federal government does not do refinancing.

Which means Kooyenga’s claim is False.

Scott Walker’s Dual Credit Program excludes UW. Walker’s college assistance plan only applies to tech schools. Dual credit simply means you can get high school and college credits at the same time.

While Walker references research that says dual credit programs save money and make it more likely students will complete college, it only applies to technical colleges. Don't we want UW students to get their money's worth and finish too?

My gut tells me Walker’s is only interested in bumping up his job creation numbers, so technical training is the fastest way to do that. Chippewa Herald: 
Research has shown students who are exposed to college-level experiences while still in high school are more likely to complete college, according to CVTC officials. Walker has proposed an additional $3 million statewide to support dual credit programs, in addition to the $35.4 million of funding for the Wisconsin Fast Forward program, which includes dual credit initiatives. “We’d like to put even more resources into the next state budget so all 434 Wisconsin school districts can start dual credit programs,” Walker said.

Walker also proposed increasing financial aid grants for technical college students.
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