Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gun Lobbyists Wrong; it's not guns that are being taken away, it's "laws already on the books!"

We should not call them the "NRA" anymore, we should just call them what they are, "Gun Lobbyists." They are profiteers okay with death and injury to sell more guns. 

Funny how Republicans argue that taking a little time our - making the effort - to get a voter photo ID is no big deal. And yet they blow a gasket over getting their background checked to buy a gun? Hey, how else do you think we're going to stop the mentally ill from getting guns. Scott Walker and every other Republican said that's our biggest gun problem.

Republicans like Paul Ryan are saying the administration is putting more burdens on "law abiding" Americans. Really? What about the burden Republicans have put on law abiding voters? Oh, that's different.

You can't have it both ways, and "control" and regulations don't take our guns away, and never have. The "slippery slope" argument is actually slipping the other way, with gun deregulation.

The Oregon militia exposed the right wings true intentions: Guns are meant to intimidates people.

It's time Democrats and President Obama take common sense regulation people back.

What about enforcing the gun laws on the books? That's a bullshit distraction, since Republicans and the NRA are quietly neutralizing those laws in the form of budget "riders." The photo here (click to enlarge) shows you how dramatic the attack on those great "laws on the books" has been over the years. It's another GOP/NRA lobbyist con job--->
Conclusion: On many occasions the leadership of the NRA has claimed to support vigorous enforcement of the gun laws on the books. By way of illustration, during his recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Wayne LaPierre, CEO and executive vice president of the NRA, said, “We support enforcing the federal gun laws on the books 100 percent of the time against drug dealers with the guns, gangs with guns, felons with guns. That—that works.” Despite this rhetoric, no organization has done more to inhibit the law-enforcement functions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other federal agencies than the NRA. No other area of federal law enforcement suffers from so many legislative barriers to action. It’s time to start with a clean slate. It’s time for President Obama to lead by delivering to Congress a budget that removes these unnecessary and dangerous riders and cancels the future effect of riders included in prior budgets. - The Center for American Progress.
No Tears for 20 first-graders: That's right, gun loving Republicans are even scoffing at Obama's gut wrenching tears for the 20 bullet riddled first-graders at Newtown:

Like most Americans, President Obama's frustration came to the surface. JS:
The president struck a combative tone as he came out with plans for expanded background checks and other modest measures that have drawn consternation from gun rights groups, which Obama accused of making Congress their hostage. Palpable, too, was Obama's extreme frustration at having made such little progress on gun control since the slaughter of 20 first-graders in Connecticut confronted the nation more than three years ago.

"First-graders," Obama said woefully, resting his chin on his hand and wiping away tears as he recalled the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. "Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad."

Here's an itemized list of trashed "laws already on the books:"

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