Sunday, January 17, 2016

On health care, Paul Ryan is either a Liar or terribly Stupid.

It's almost comical how difficult it is for the press to correct Paul Ryan's outright lies. They're still rattling on about his takeover as house speaker, a job he didn't even want. What a hero?

Now, in one short but revealing statement, Ryan made it clear why we would be crazy to hand health care reform to him or any other Republican; they don't understood it, and never have. Blame being a career politician.

Keep in mind, Ryan has made this same promise over and over; a detailed Republican plan of their own. Where are all these plans?

Here are Ryan's clueless GOP talking points, that are wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong:

Ryan: "We really think ObamaCare is failing, whether it's premiums...."
WRONG: Is Ryan kidding? Before ObamaCare, premiums increased dramatically. People were paying $500 to $1,300 a month (plans I looked at). Annual total premiums increased between 2003-10 by 62%.  In 2013 premiums increased 4%, the same percentage we saw in 2015.
Ryan: "...restricted access..."
WRONG: Ryan missed why we needed reform in the first place; it was broken. Nothing is more restrictive than not having health insurance, especially when you can't afford it or can't get coverage because of a preexisting condition. And because of...
Ryan: "...higher deductibles..."
WRONG:  Apparently Ryan didn't know that high deductibles were outrageous before Obama even came up with the idea of the ACA. My own HSA deductible soared to $10,500. Republicans pushed the self-rationing idea of high deductibles to discourage supposed unnecessary visits and treatments from providers. Officially, the average per person deductibles increased by 117%, from $2,283 to $3,962. between 2003-10.
Ryan: "Families losing the insurance they wanted to keep, that's happening all across the country."
WRONG: Ryan really didn't know keeping insurance was always incredibly difficult, due to coverage changes, premium increases or rising out-of-pocket costs? Families lost their insurance when they couldn't afford it anymore; when employers changed their insurer; their insurer dropped them due to preexisting conditions.

Ryan and his party have created a completely fictionalized utopian version of our old health care system that actually let tens of thousands of people die painful premature deaths year after year. And they're going to come up with a plan that doubles down on a more privatized "not-so-patient-centered" system like we had, that bankrupted millions of Americans if they got sick?
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