Sunday, January 31, 2016

Free Speech Dollars buy corrupting political influence and special favors, just like we thought.

Stand with Walker supporters will have no problem with Scott Walker's plan to let their wealthy conservative elite take over our government, as long as they're rewarded with a whopping $1 in property tax savings. Not a good deal trolls.

The following thinking kinda proves how our conservative activist U.S. Supreme Court has been able to twist logic into a nonsensical looking pretzel:
Justice Kennedy stated that restrictions on corporate campaign expenditures "have a chilling effect extending well beyond the government's interest in preventing quid pro quo corruption." Kennedy concluded, "The anticorruption interest is not sufficient to displace the speech here in question" ... our nation's ability to protect itself from the corruption of our government is overridden by the "right" of a corporation to make expenditures in elections.
With logic like that...

So proof is in the pudding: Guess what, the governor who's going around the state holding supposed "listening sessions," appears to be listening to big money donors a whole lot more. JS:
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What does a million-dollar political donor get for his or her money these days? The answer is spelled out in great detail in a handout from the super PAC supporting Republican Gov. Scott Walker's potential presidential bid.

Among the perks: Twice-a-year retreats, members-only briefings, weekly email updates, members-only conference calls, a dedicated staff contact, two private dinners with "VIP Special Guest(s)," inclusion in "all public/regional fundraising events," and a special "Executive Board Member" pin.

Those benefits are itemized in a handout from Unintimidated PAC, the committee launched by longtime Walker advisers.
Need another example? I've got one...remember this gem from last week when the Republicans revealed their plan to eventually privatize Wisconsin's drinking water? Who were they listening too...?
Rep. Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) said he introduced the bill after meeting with representatives of Aqua America and its lobbyist, Steve Foti, a former GOP legislator...
No one else was asking to make it easier for private companies to take control of our drinking water, just lobbyists. Scary as hell isn't it. I mean really, this is how quickly the state is now taking their orders from private interests. Their now on automatic pilot.  
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