Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Assassination Agenda: Concealed Carry Advocate Arrested for Trying to Slip by Capital Barricade Before Obama Speech.

Keep in mind, this guy did not have a weapon on him at the time, but he could have. If you think that might be a stretch, remember, we could have Obamacare death panels....

The Hill: A man with a shotgun was arrested on Wednesday night by U.S. Capitol Police while attempting to gain access to Capitol grounds as President Barack Obama began to deliver his speech to a joint session on healthcare.

Capitol Police stopped Joshua Bowman, 28, of Falls Church, Va. on Wednesday night several blocks away from the Capitol as he made a “failed attempt to gain access to [a Capitol]barricade,” a spokeswoman said.

After consenting to an administrative search of his vehicle, a shotgun in its case with ammunition was found in the vehicle’s trunk. He was transported to Capitol Police headquarters where he was processed and charged with carrying an unregistered firearm and possessing unregistered ammunition.

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