Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sen. Coburn Epitomizes the Ruthless Underbelly of the Republican Party and Health Care Detachment.

Now on PBS has been doing a great job exposing our health care short comings. In this episode, you'll see Sophie, an 8 year old girl, struggling to get health care. More importantly, you'll also see the devastating emotional effect of our current system on families, the one topic no one seems to bring up in the debate. It not only tears your heart out, really is an American nightmare.

Which brings me to Sen. Tom Coburn. Coburn believes help should come from their neighbors, the same neighbors who are part of we the people, the government. Therein lies the problem.

Sen. Coburn doesn't believe in government help, even if it's the best way for Americans to take care of other Americans. For Coburn, emotional stories like Sophis's are instruments to manipulate lawmakers to increase government. Sad stories are for wimps, and Sen. Coburn is going to make a difficult, manly decision for the sick and dying. According to Dr. "Death Panel" Coburn:
"This is an emotional story, of a very difficult situation, and the answer is more government, or fix it without more government...look, there not one government program that is compasionate. The only people that are compassionate are individuals. Since there no answer through the government right now, the only option is for us to help one another. And that's what we oughta be about."

What, and part with my hard earned money?

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