Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole with Rep. Todd Tiahrt, Clueless Racist and Madman

Pretty soon, every Republican in the Congress will be familiar to the American public, not for promoting freedom and voting no, but because their as crazy as Mad Hatters.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and guests are pretty much speechless as they continue to point out the blatantly racist comments from our elected Republican officials, like Rep Todd Tiahrt (tee-art). Think about it. If just one of these statements came from a Democrat, the Beck's/Limbaugh's/Hannity's/ Levin's/O'Reilly's/tea partiers wouldn't stop whining until they brought the nation to its knees, demanding an apology and denouncement from every liberal on earth.

I've also included a town hall meeting where Tiahrt is laughed at for fabricating a supposed plan by Obama to limit doctors wages. Following that, Tiahrt is caught touting the free market system that we all know works just fine without government meddling. He's got every Ayn Rand cliche' down cold. Tearing it down here would take to long. Suffice it to say he's protecting our right lose more of our life savings at the hands of a free wheeling anything goes market system.

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