Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rep. Bilbray Sees Backlash: Extremists on Left forcing Independents to Republican Side. I'm Not Kidding.

MSNBC's Chuck Todd got Representative Brian Bilbray to admit the federal government must pay for the health care needs of undocumented people in this country. Tea partiers and town hall protesters don't seem to be objecting to Bilbray's plan, just our black presidents plan, which doesn't cover those same individuals. Interesting?

Of course, Bilbray would have us "not do anything" in this country until we take care of the problems we now have. Unfortunately for Bilbray, that would require us "to do something" about the problems we now have, before things get worse. That's the real dilemma, for Bilbray anyway, and the reason everything collapsed under Republican control.

But wait, it gets better. Rep. Brian Bilbray has an interesting take on rebuilding the Republican Party.
"The extremists on the left, and you're seeing a backlash right now, where independents are coming to the Republican side. Not because they like the Republican Party, but because they don't like to see what the extremists in the Democrats are doing."
And as we all know, right wing tenthers, birthers, secessionist, free market depressionist, nazi accusing moderates in the Republican Party would do a much better job fixing the economic chaos they created in the first place with the above list of psychopathic behavior.

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