Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ron Reagan Warns of Radicalized GOP Direction. Is Anyone Listening?

Radio talk hosts Ron Reagan and Cythia Hardy sounded the warning for a much more dangerous time ahead. In just 8 months, tenthers, secessionist and the radicalized armed right wing town hallers have hit the floor crying like a baby in poopy diapers. Oh, and did you notice, there's a socialist black guy in the White House stealing our freedoms and children.

Rep. Joe Wilson is featured hear asking for donations to protect against liberals trying to give health care to illegals and silence anyone who speaks out against it. Isn't it amazing how little TV time these whiners are getting? Wilson knows how to make it sound like the American is slipping away, and that something (unmentionable) needs to be done. Oh, and can you spare a dime.

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