Sunday, September 20, 2009

John Nichols Joins Media Spin: "Fact of the Matter is BOTH PARTIES are very much out of Touch."

One of the most admired progressive writers and commentators of our time, the Nation Magazine's John Nichols, has sold out to the blathering media middle grounders where everything is relative. In the clip below, I follow Nichols bizarre perspective of the radical right with The Daily Shows reality based assessment of the truly disconnected angry protesters. How the two parties are similar in Nichols eyes is mind boggling.

It always drives me crazy when Nichols prefaces everything with "the fact of the matter is," especially when he offers an opinion. Having said that, his recent appearance on Upfront with Mike Gousha left no doubt that Nichols has been taking notes from Glenn Beck, claiming a political middle ground where it isn't about the angry left or right. It's all about a legitimate ideological debate with regards to the governments role and size. Yea, right...

When it comes to conservative outrage and town hall anger, Nichols wants more of it. Really John?

Nichols is asked if Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter were right in claiming "some of the talk was bad, not healthy:' "No, there wrong! ...I think Democrats and Republicans play a dangerous game when their in power. They try to tell the other side, 'Oh, any descent is dangerous. It's unpatriotic."

Nichols plays the Republican game of exaggeration when he purposely misstates the message from Pelosi and Carter that "ANY decent is dangerous." I personally can't imagine any liberal making such an imbecilic statement. What you don't often see on the "left" are armed protesters whipped into a fear based frenzy, recalling the days of the red scare, threatening to take their country back from an undocumented "black African witch doctor" president.

Nichols: "We should have more dialog, more descent and more anger, and not less."

That would be fine John, if the descent was based a majority of their objections were based in reality, instead of the fear that Obama is a secret socialist out to destroy the country with government loans that are really government take-overs of Wall Street and the auto industry and nightmarish fabrications written into health care reform bills.

Nichols apparently doesn't differentiate between the standard issue white authoritarian Republican president and a pragmatic centrist black president. Perhaps Nichols connection with the real world has been severed by his demanding schedule and writing deadlines.

Nichols: "People were angry, not angry left, angry right, not angry Republican/angry Democrat but very angry about the sense that they just had an election that was supposed to be about change and fixing a lot of stuff, and it doesn't seem to be coming together in any way that makes any sense to them."

Nichols appears to be conflating angry Democrats disappointed in Obama's watered down execution of change with a radicalized Republican Party pushing for an armed revolt against the government.

You're doing just what the angry tenthers and birthers want John.

Now that's standing by your convictions.

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