Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Republicans Fold When Confronted with Their Flip Flop Position on Medicare

I put the following clips together to illustrate what happens when Republicans are asked to explain the hypocritical position they've taken on health care and Medicare. This is an area the Democrats have not applied pressure. But the real blames goes to the media for not pursuing the GOP's position, even if it takes up all their allotted time. From time to time, Chris Matthews has gotten attention for doing just that. Once confronted, they struggle mightily but fail miserably to make any sense.

To top that off, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow exposes the surreal attempts by the Republicans to defend Medicare, against a history of trying to destroy and privatise it.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert starts off with a clip showing a Republican Sen. Pat Roberts asking for time to let the insurance industry read the bill and offer changes before a vote. Now that's comedy.

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