Saturday, July 21, 2018

Walker voters suffer flip-flop whiplash again over latest Trump appeasement!!!

Scott Walker, a master career politician, performed another one of his jaw-dropping flip-flops, this time over Russia and China.

It's not surprising Walker has outright abandoned his strong positions against Hillary Clinton so he could appease party leader Trump. It's as easy as saying, "That’s not in my jurisdiction!”
1. So what about Trump's swooning adoration of Putin?

2. Or Trump denying Russia specifically attacked on our elections?

3. It was wrong for Hillary to want to hit the "reset button" with Putin, while Trump does just that claiming it's better to get along with Putin?

4. Trump, like Putin, talks about breaking up NATO all the time, yet Walker is okay with it now? 
Walker was against Putin before he was for him. This video clip covers that and more, like accusing Clinton of ignoring China's human rights violations, but letting Trump do just that AND create a trade war over intellectual property:
JS: “Hillary Clinton tried to appease Vladimir Putin with a reset button. Sensing weakness, Putin today is redrawing the map of Europe with loaded guns. He is dismembering Ukraine, trying to destroy NATO and threatening to use nuclear weapons.” -Scott Walker, during an August 2015 speech at the Citadel military academy in South Carolina. 

How times have changed...

“Under the @BarackObama @HillaryClinton doctrine Putin has found nothing but mush,” Walker tweeted in September 2015.

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