Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Scott Walker trashes Madison's 2.1% Unemployment rate and "throwback to the 60's" straight talking Mayor Soglin.

In my previous blog I posted this uncomfortable truth for Republicans:

Dane County, Madison Liberals to the Rescue: Democratic politicians in Dane County must be doing something right...
Dane County, which includes Madison and its technology spin-off industries, reported the state’s lowest jobless rate in April at 2.1%. Unemployment was worst across northern Wisconsin.
Liberal Democratic Successes: Democrats could have mismanaged the UW Madison's contributions to our economies bottom line and low unemployment numbers like the Republicans, but they haven't.
Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said Democrats were losing because they had become afraid to run campaigns on liberal, progressive values. "I think the point is that people are ready for someone in elected office who is focused on really delivering to the people who are electing them. It's real simple," said Soglin.
Scott Walker must not know that Mayor Soglin's been around our fair city for some time now, the same city that hosts the Capitol, which makes his comment even more absurd. From WKOW:

Governor Walker grinned when asked about the possibility Monday. "It'd make for a lively race. I mean, he's an unabashed throwback to the 1960s radical liberal out there. The idea that he thinks Bernie Sanders is a good model for him, I think makes for a great contrast. It probably does him well in Madison, I doubt it does well across the rest of the state. I don't think most people in the state believe that Madison is the way they want to be.”
Yea, lowest jobless rate and a mix of new businesses. Of course believing in Trump's agenda makes so much more sense?
But Soglin believes the rest of the state could benefit greatly from the way things are done here. "Yeah, we've got a philosophy about how to administer government to address these challenges. And they work. Why would anybody be embarrassed by that?  2.1 percent unemployment. I think every part of the state would like to be like that."
The low information brain trust at the Republican Party of Wisconsin offered up this mindless, meaningless statement…
“Paul Soglin is as radical a left-wing Madison liberal as you can get, even unbelievably giving the key to the City of Madison to brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro (1975),” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Instead of standing up for Wisconsin taxpayers, Madison liberal Paul Soglin would cling to the failed polices of yesterday, take Wisconsin backward to the days when special interests controlled state government - and leave Wisconsin taxpayers footing the bill.”
That's right, special interests don't control Walker's copy cat agenda. And what failed Soglin policies of yesterday is he talking about?

Check out Paul Soglin's reaction to Walker's 60's throwback statement with Sly. 

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